Hugh Jackman and Wife Announce Separation

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Hugh and Deb Call It Quits After 27 Years – What Went Wrong?

On Hugh and Deb’s Split, Marriage Struggles, and Deb’s New Chapter

Like many, I was surprised by Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness announcing their separation after 27 years of marriage. But the truth is, marriage is hard even in the best of times. Add in a global pandemic that forced couples to spend every waking moment together, and it’s amazing any relationship survived quarantine intact.

Hugh and Deb’s kids are young adults now who can handle their parents’ split. Oscar is 23 and Ava is 18 – old enough to understand their parents are people too, with their own needs. This isn’t like divorcing when the kids are little and need stability. No doubt co-parenting will have its challenges, but Hugh and Deb have the resources to make it work.

Unlike many couples parting ways, money likely isn’t a concern. With Hugh’s blockbuster career and both their savvy investments, their assets probably total in the hundreds of millions. I’m sure they’ll split it evenly and avoid financial disputes.

As for Deb, this gives her a chance to focus on herself after decades of marriage. The actress and activist has always championed women’s independence. Now 67, she can finally enjoy the freedoms of single life many women know in only their 20s and 30s.

Traveling the world, spending time with friends, focusing completely on her charity work – this next chapter will be an adventure. Deb has a joyous spirit and has never defined herself by her husband. Here’s hoping she makes the most of this new start. I’m sure there are many women would divorce their husbands if they could.

Not many marriages last forever and Hugh and Deb had an impressive run. They seem to be separating amicably and will continue putting their kids first. Hopefully fans can grant them privacy and understand even beloved couples need to do what’s best for them as individuals.

From Wedded Bliss to Heartbreak Hotel – Inside Hugh and Deb’s Stunning Breakup

Many celebrity marriages crumble under the intense pressures of fame. Tabloid scrutiny, busy work schedules, ego, and temptation can strain even the strongest bonds. Add in the likelihood of getting married young before really knowing oneself, and it’s no wonder Hollywood splits are common.

But Hugh and Deb seemed to make it work through careful effort. They married later in life, with Hugh at 31 and Deb 40 when they wed. Both knew who they were and what they wanted. They put each other first, keeping their relationship private and family life quiet.

Deb wasn’t some starry-eyed young thing dazzled by the glitz. An accomplished actress in her own right, she was Hugh’s equal.. or perhaps superior. She was the star when they first met. They shared core values like philanthropy and adopted their children together.

There was never a hint of scandal or cheating rumors swirling around them. They consistently collaborated on projects and supported one another’s careers. Even after 27 years together, they still flirted in interviews and posted loving tributes to each other.

In the end though, even solid partnerships sometimes run their course. People grow apart, priorities shift, the spark fades. But Hugh and Deb truly beat the odds, having one of Hollywood’s longest and most drama-free marriages. Other celebs could learn from their example of maturity, privacy and commitment.

No marriage is perfect, but this one was more real than most. Hats off to them for bucking the typical celebrity breakup and making it work for nearly three decades.